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Advanced Packaging Design Group creates sales for first-tier supplier

Continental created a Detroit based Advanced Packaging Group [centrally located in Troy, Michigan for strategic access to Ford, Chrysler and GM Tech Centers] to provide customer product design and engineering support for the Customer's Sales group in Detroit.

Continental created a dedicated team of 20 experienced designers and engineers who went into the Advanced Design Studios of the "Big 3" Automotive Manufacturers to represent and support Sales Teams and help create lighting product designs. This "fully bundled" service included all technical personnel, Program Management, all major CAD platforms (Pro-E, CATIA, SDRC, Unigraphics), a Design & Engineering Center, Lighting Product Displays and Customer Meeting/Conference rooms.

New assembly line design quadruples production

A Chicago-based company engaged Continental to design and build a production line to increase production from 1700 pieces per shift to 4500 pieces per shift. Continental provided services from the initial concept development through to full production "run at rate" of the new line.

  • Continental Project Manager assigned.
  • Concept drawings of the Assembly Line developed for customer approval.
  • Customer approval received for concept drawings.
  • Continental built full size Styrofoam models of the complete assembly line.
  • Received Customer's approval after Customer's staff did a complete walk-through of assembly process [Styrofoam mockup].
  • Continental designed all assembly equipment, test equipment and material handling.
  • Continental received Customer approval for above designs.
  • Continental then put the assembly line design out for bid and awarded the build of the equipment.
  • Continental followed the build, debug and runoff of all the equipment on the build floor.
  • Continental then moved the equipment to the customer's site and reinstalled the equipment, validated all processes, trained the operators and wrote the operator job instructions.

Results: seven operators producing 4518 pieces per shift on the new assembly line versus eleven operators producing 1700 pieces per shift on the original assembly line.

Lean Manufacturing principles were applied to all phases of this project. All of the client's in-house designers are trained in Lean Manufacturing equipment design.

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