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Continental Design & Engineering provides expert engineering and technical services to a wide range of customers. Situated in the heart of the automotive manufacturing Midwest, Continental has developed a specialty in energy related technologies, such as alternators, generators and batteries.

Continental Design & Engineering provides the following services:

  • Design & Engineering Services -- For product development and manufacturing
  • Technical Staffing Services -- With both contract employees and direct placements
  • Quality Engineering -- From handling the immediate problem (Short Term Fix) to root cause analysis and final resolution of any quality issue (Long Term Fix)
  • Lean Enterprise Consulting -- Taking Lean technology from a business philosophy to a money-saving reality throughout the entire organization
  • Globalization -- Helping our clients compete in a global market with best cost solutions available for their sourcing decisions

In 2001 a start-up company approached Continental for assistance in the design and development of a unique generator. This generator would provide clean prime power in the 75kW range -- enough to power a small neighborhood or mid-size factory. The generator would utilize a gasoline fueled truck engine modified to run on natural gas and other fuels including biofuel and would be clean burning, meeting or exceeding all current environmental standards.

The second challenge was to design the generator for combined heat and power applications (CHP), greatly increasing its efficiency (over 85%) and lowering the client's overall energy costs for electricity.

Continental first provided the Chief Design- Engineer for the project, and then assembled a team of qualified Designers with the necessary CAD equipment and software for the design program. With Continental's technical support, the original two design concepts were successfully completed, both exceeding the original performance benchmarks.

Continental continues to work with the company in their new product development efforts, and assists in the deployment of their product for end-users such as schools, shopping centers, office complexes and other installations.

IC Series 85 kW - Onsite Energy System

Energy Now generator

The ENI 85 is a weatherproof enclosed combined heat & power on-site energy system specifically designed to satisfy commercial and light industrial demand for lower priced and more reliable energy.

The ENI 85 produces electric power, heat and cooling on your site, anywhere in the world - no matter how remote.

The engine offers commercial and light industrial companies the same level of energy independence, reliability and cost savings that large industrials have enjoyed for years. It provides reliable on-site energy for customers who seek lower energy costs through base load, peak shaving or load following operations.

ENI 85 engines can be used as continuous duty applications, either grid parallel or grid independent. The ENI 85 is used for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications, which enables companies of all sizes to:

  • Reduce average kilowatt cost ... to achieve bottom line energy savings
  • Reduce the quantity of electricity and natural gas that your business consumes ... for additional energy savings
  • Increase electric supply reliability & quality to support your energy needs in the digital age... eliminating your company's exposure to outage risk and its bottom-line impact

IC Series 85 kW - Features and Benefits

The ENI 85 features new, innovative technology that delivers higher energy performance at a lower cost. It operates at an estimated net electrical efficiency of 31% at full load (4-5% higher than micro-turbines).

  • Innovative 1800 rpm synchronous generator automotive engine, that drives energy savings through greater energy efficiency
  • Ability to recover and recycle engine waste heat to support your facility's thermal load requirements
  • Low emission stoichiometric engine with catalytic control technology
  • Pre-engineered, packaged design which reduces up front costs for engineering, site design and installation
  • A small footprint that can easily be sited for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Overall package efficiency of over 86% when used in Combined Heat and Power applications
  • Infrequent service intervals and easy serviceability
  • Low NOx and CO levels meeting California emission requirements
  • Significantly reduced noise levels

IC Series 85 kW - Fuel

The ENI 85 runs on natural gas, propane and uses advanced control technology. As a result, these units will achieve both high efficiency (up to a net electrical efficiency of 31%) and low emissions. The ENI 85 has recently been modified to operate on biofuel, including fuel derived from plants and animal waste.

IC Series 85 kW - Applications

The ENI 85 offers full flexibility to support your energy needs. The unit can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Remote Locations
  • Military Installations
  • Field Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Small factories
  • Schools and universities
  • Housing developments
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Microgrid applications


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