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Let us assemble a QUALITY ENGINEERING "SWAT" Team for you!

Continental Design & Engineering has discovered that there is a significant advantage in using a Quality Engineering "SWAT" Team to respond to Quality situations as needed. A SWAT Team can train personnel and bring them rapidly up to speed, or can temporarily take over some of the more routine tasks, thereby freeing up key resources to attack critical situations. Few organizations have the internal resources to assemble a SWAT Team like this, yet having such a group, able to handle such emergencies, can be critical to the success of the company.

You don't want to say, "I'll deal with Quality problems later on … when they occur!"

Manufacturers in all industries (Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical/Life Sciences, and more) are continuing to raise the Quality bar for production parts more and more frequently, and all manufacturers have discovered that shipping just one non-conforming part* will subject them to long-term parts inspections and sorting. And these containments can be very expensive and create extreme pressures to keep parts costs competitive.

* Non-Conforming Part: A production part that does not conform to a manufacturing specification for that part. Examples: Parts that exceed dimensional limits, metal parts with improper corrosion coatings, parts molded with the wrong plastic material, etc.

When non-conforming parts from your plant get into your customer's assembly operations, and you are put into the world of containment, inspection and sorting; that's when you need specialized Quality Engineering help from Continental!

Given that the causes for quality problems are unpredictable, and can be created by a range of sources from new market opportunities, to last-minute customer order modifications; the problem now is not how to avoid Quality Containment & Inspection Problems, but how to deal with it afterwards. Since no one is perfect, and only one mistake pushes you over the edge, Quality Engineering has assumed a level of importance never seen before in the manufacturing world. And when there are problems, Quality Engineering must generate solutions, and do it fast, that do not cause delivery schedule slips or Quality compromises.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification
Continental Quality Engineering Earns ISO 9001:2000 Certification


A lack of technical expertise can prolong Quality Problems!

"Spikes" in labor requirements create unusual problems where manufacturers can find themselves with a lack of expertise in specific technical disciplines at inopportune times. Mfg. Plants can experience extreme stress and have difficulty in responding to the staffing need in time to handle the crisis, especially if the need is short-term or the technical requirement is unusual. There are also situations that call for an independent second opinion on a technical question or strategy, especially when complex situations arise that demand more than just a simple solution.

Case Study:

A Call from China for Continental's Quality Engineering SWAT Team!

Continental Quality Engineering received a call from a U.S. firm that had just received a shipment of non-conforming parts from China. They asked if we could help them, and needed that help fast. Having Quality Engineers in China, we were able to make a call and rapidly send a trained observer to the plant for a first-hand assessment of the situation. After this visit, continental was able to assemble a SWAT team of the right technical capabilities and backgrounds, and they were sent to "put out the fire" at this firm's facility. There was no need to recruit and fly a crew from the states over the Pacific to China, and this SWAT team hit the ground running, being fluent in both Chinese and English languages. This team spent three months at the facility, implementing Quality processes and training the staff. This SWAT team augmented the internal Quality resources with their expertise, and provided the needed additional support staff on short notice.

Call Continental and let us respond in a timely manner to your needs. As various situations arise we can provide a quick turnaround on problems and work overloads. Our core staff is highly trained and effective in a wide range of manufacturing disciplines.

Let Continental help you assess the Quality Problem!

The strength of Continental is in the ability to match the staff to the task. A senior member of our engineering staff may be required initially, to assess the situation and to develop the strategy to attack the particular problem. Not all problems require SWAT Teams. If less difficult components of the solution strategy are developed, the work can be reassigned to more junior members of your staff under the direction of the senior member. The responsibility for each assignment however remains with the key staff personnel. This approach allows a small staff of highly professional individuals to respond to situations rapidly and to still provide cost effective solutions to the clients they serve.

Use Continental's Specialized Quality Resources

Continental's SWAT Team provides expertise in the areas of Quality, including Quality of Design, Manufacturing, Systems Engineering, Contract and Subcontract Administration, Materials Management, Customer Service, Domestic and International Sales and Marketing Support, and Product Assurance Management (SRM&QA). Different Teams can be dedicated to providing technical expertise in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

Team members have credentials in Business Management, and Certifications in both Quality (CQE) and Reliability (CRE) granted by The American Society for Quality (ASQ). Our staff has experience teaching at the Universities in our region, and have given seminars and tutorials for Science and Industry. We have had training in ISO 9000 requirements and various TQM (Total Quality Management) methodologies and all Core Team Staff are members of ASQ.

Continental's Approach to your Quality Problems is Different

Continental's approach to your problems is to develop a customer tailored process for problem solution. We begin with a formal analysis, and in conjunction with continuous customer input and support, propose various alternatives and develop a strategic approach. We then implement the solution just developed, and monitor it to insure that it adequately resolves your problem. As a follow-up action, every attempt is made to see that the solution is made a permanent part of your organization.

Continental's Quality Philosophy

Continental's Quality Philosophy is our key to customer satisfaction. We rely on a Core Team Background with an average of twenty years of experience in the areas of: Quality of Design, Manufacturing, and Materials Management. Our SWAT Teams take a Quality Assurance perspective to insure customer satisfaction in any endeavor that is taken on. By utilizing their extensive experience, diversified knowledge and a quality perspective, the Continental Quality SWAT Teams provide you with the best assurance that your Quality Engineering problems will be solved quickly and cost effectively.

Call Continental Quality Engineering Services at 800 875-4557 to discuss your quality engineering needs.

Visit our Continental Quality Engineering website.

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