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Globalization Services

The Globalization Handbook
Part III

A Key Part of Your Business Plan

by Tom Epply

The Globalization Glossary

All In -- The total employee cost including wages, taxes and all benefits

Composite Wage -- Averaging high cost wages with lower cost wages in different locations to create a new average overall labor cost.

ESG&A -- Combination of overhead cost. Some companies breakout and separate these charges.

E = Engineering
S = Sales
G&A = General & Administrative

Globalization -- Matching the best technical strengths in the world with the lowest cost.

Paradigm Shift -- Changing a concept accepted by most people as being correct.

Value Stream -- The entire process required from concept to finished goods delivered to the customer.

  1. The Globalization Handbook
  2. Globalization: A Second Option
  3. Globalization Glossary

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