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Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview

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1. How you look affects how they see you

A successful job interview is a sales event and what is being sold is you, the candidate.

When something is being sold, whether on TV, in the newspaper or during an interview, a sales message is being delivered. How that message is delivered can either detract from the message or enhance its effectiveness.

In an interview, a candidate wants the hiring decision to be based solely on his or her ability to get the job done. However, should a candidate enter an interview with dirty or sloppy clothing, it can affect the interviewer, if only in terms of a distraction.

There is the saying: you only get one chance at a first impression. A too casual or sloppy wardrobe can create the wrong initial impression. So, regardless of how qualified you may be, your appearance can make or break your interview.

It is best to wear neutral and neat attire. The best-dressed candidate is often the one least noticed for his or her appearance. In this way, all attention can be focused on the interview and on the candidate's qualifications, and not on their appearance.

Some interview attire guidelines:


  • A clean pressed dress shirt and tie
  • Conservative colors
  • A suit or sports coat and dress slacks
  • Well-polished dress shoes
  • Neatly groomed


  • Conservative blouse
  • Business suit
  • Conservative colors
  • Properly fitting attire
  • Non-revealing attire
  • Conservative hairstyle

    The Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview
  1. How you look affects how they see you
  2. You will interview best if you are prepared and have done your homework
  3. The interviewing process is really a sales call
  4. Don't monopolize the conversation
  5. Make your interview read like a newspaper
  6. Interviewing is a two-way street
  7. Use your recruiter to negotiate your best salary

    Practice the Seven Secrets with these Job Interview Exercises


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