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Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview

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2. You will interview the best if you are prepared and have done your homework

Learn something about the company that will be interviewing you. Do your homework by reading company literature and visiting their web site. Get an understanding of their products, services and location. Find out what differentiates them from their competitors.

Find out what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. Try to know as much as possible about the interviewer or interviewers, the job description and responsibilities. Find out about the required skills of the position and the special skills or abilities an ideal candidate should possess. Remember, you are selling yourself in an interview and it is very helpful to understand what the interviewer is looking for in an employee.

Know the "must haves", the "like to haves" and the "added bonuses":

In every job opening there are key skills that the candidate must have to get the job. This could be a certain college or technical degree or type of experience. You need to know what these "must haves" are and make sure that you qualify before you go to the interview. Don't waste your time or the interviewer's time if you don't have these "must haves" in your background.

Next, there are skills that the interviewer would "like to have" in a candidate. Know what these are and note which ones you have. Realize that you don't always have to have all of the "like to haves".

The "added bonuses" are often things that the interviewer does not expect to find, but would be thrilled if he could. These are usually special skills. Make sure you note these and be prepared to mention any "added bonuses" you possess.

Get a map and directions to the interview location. Sometimes a city map gets you to the plant or engineering center and a second set of directions is needed to know where to park, which entrance to use, and if a visitor's pass is required for entry.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early. If construction or traffic is a concern, leave for the interview site even earlier. Be sure to get the name and phone number of the interviewer, should you get delayed.

    The Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview
  1. How you look affects how they see you
  2. You will interview best if you are prepared and have done your homework
  3. The interviewing process is really a sales call
  4. Don't monopolize the conversation
  5. Make your interview read like a newspaper
  6. Interviewing is a two-way street
  7. Use your recruiter to negotiate your best salary

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