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Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview

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3. The interviewing process is really a sales call

An interview is essentially a sales call. The interviewer has decided to "buy" the services of a trained professional and is now in the selection process. This is much the same process you enter into when you decide to buy a new car. You want to test drive several that meet your initial criteria and select the one that best fits your needs and your price range.

As the person being interviewed, you are in a unique position of being both the salesman and the product being sold. You must present your skills and unique qualities to the buyer and then, once you are "purchased", must live up to your sales pitch.

During an interview you are selling yourself as a candidate on two levels:

1. As a fine person, and
2. As someone clearly able to do the job.

Usually, an interviewer begins with the "fine person test". The interviewer wants to see if he likes you initially and if he would like working with you. He wants to make sure that you will fit into the culture of the organization and reflect well on him for hiring you. He wants to make sure that you will represent the company well.

In addition to passing the "fine person test" you must also pass a "skills test". The interviewer must determine whether or not you possess the right skills and background to be able to do the job. He will focus on your experience and knowledge. In technical jobs, he may require you to pass a formal skills test.

To get the job you must score well on both tests. Deliver enough persuasive information to convince the decision maker that you are easy to work with and that you can do the job.

One comforting factor you should keep in mind is that deep down inside, everyone interviewing a candidate wants them to do well. They do want to find everything to their satisfaction. They need to hire someone.

    The Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview
  1. How you look affects how they see you
  2. You will interview best if you are prepared and have done your homework
  3. The interviewing process is really a sales call
  4. Don't monopolize the conversation
  5. Make your interview read like a newspaper
  6. Interviewing is a two-way street
  7. Use your recruiter to negotiate your best salary

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