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Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview

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6. Job Interviewing is a two-way street

Today, interviewing is a two way street. On one hand, the candidate must sell himself to the company. On the other hand, the company interviewer realizes that someone with the right qualifications and attitude may not be easy to find and may have other offers. The interviewer must sell the job and the company to the candidate.

So it is appropriate for you to interview the interviewer about the company and the job. Find out what you will be doing. Make sure that you can do the work and that it is the type of work you are looking for. Be honest with yourself and the interviewer. If you have a problem with the job scope, now is the time to mention it. If the interviewer is truly interested in you, he or she may be able to make some adjustments in the job.

Turn-around questions are fair play during an interview, as long as they do not attempt to take over the interview. Keep a sense of balance in an interview, in terms of you and the interviewer getting to know each other.

It is important to sell yourself as a candidate, but it is also important to completely understand the job, know the expectations of the customer, and to become familiar enough with the company to make an important career decision.

Be yourself in an interview. Ask questions as you feel they are appropriate and keep an interview a two-way flow of information. The interviewer needs to be sold on you and you need to be sold on the interviewer and his company.

    The Seven Secrets of a Successful Job Interview
  1. How you look affects how they see you
  2. You will interview best if you are prepared and have done your homework
  3. The interviewing process is really a sales call
  4. Don't monopolize the conversation
  5. Make your interview read like a newspaper
  6. Interviewing is a two-way street
  7. Use your recruiter to negotiate your best salary

    Practice the Seven Secrets with these Job Interview Exercises


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