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Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Success Stories and Case Studies

Thirty percent reduction in floor space makes room for growth

"With Continental's help, we were able to achieve a 10-15% production improvement throughout the entire plant by applying Lean Manufacturing principles. Continental's Lean Workshops resulted in a 30% reduction in our floor space that we can now use for growth without additional bricks and mortar. Implementing Lean and One-Piece-Flow reduced our WIP (Work In Process) by 30-40%." --Bill Whitney, Plant Manager, Unit Parts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Lean workshop creates immediate improvement

"At Package Right we measure productivity by sales divided by wages paid. With Continental's help we have already achieved a 10% productivity improvement in just a few short weeks." -- Michael Cassidy, President, Package Right Corporation, Tipton, Indiana

New Lean Cells increase production by 50%

"The experience of working with Continental Design & Engineering as they introduced Lean Manufacturing concepts to Prime Products was very enlightening. Since the Continental Lean Workshop, Prime has initiated four Lean work cells. We have used one-piece-flow to eliminate excessive WIP and missed operations. In two of these cells our productivity has increased by 50%. Applying Lean principles has reduced lots, eliminated many manufacturing problems and increased customer satisfaction. We now apply Lean principles to all new jobs prior to starting production." --Gary Miller, President, Prime Products, Converse, Indiana

Lean Manufacturing Metrics

These before-and-after metrics reflect the results of Continental Lean Manufacturing workshop training and consulting. Due to Confidentiality Agreements the company names are not included, only the locations of the manufacturing facilities.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Metrics Mass or Batch Production Lean Manufacturing Improvement
Production /Operators 2000 / Shift
8 Operators
2,667 / Shift
6 Operators
Work in progress 10,716 20 Nearly One Piece Flow
Floor Space 480 FT 214.5 FT 70%
Production Lead Time 3.0 Hours 3 Minutes 98%

Rotor Re-Manufacturer,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Metrics Mass or Batch Production Lean Manufacturing Improvement
Production /Operators 7200 / Day 121 Operators 7200 / Day
78 Operators
Work in progress 4618 2909 37%
Floor Space 10,540 FT 5670 FT 46%
Production Lead Time 11.54 Hours 6.16 Hours 47%

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Metrics Mass or Batch Production Lean Manufacturing Improvement
Production /Operators 2918 / Day
56 Operators
3648 / Day
48 Operators
Work in progress 6541 pcs. 2234 pcs. 66%
Floor Space 16,250 FT 12,000 FT 26%
Production Lead Time 2.25 Days .62 Days 72%

Electrical Connector, Nogales, Mexico

Metrics Mass or Batch Production Lean Manufacturing Improvement
Production /Operators 1700 / Shift
11 Operators
4518 / Shift
9 Operators
Work in progress 2067 53 97%
Floor Space 1826 FT 422 FT 80%
Production Lead Time 126 Minutes 5 Minutes 96%

Little Rock, Arkansas

Metrics Mass or Batch Production Lean Manufacturing Improvement
Production /Operators 645 Minutes
2 Day TAKT
74 Time
430 Minutes
3 Day TAKT
63 Time
Work in progress 8.8 Units 5.0 Units 43%
Floor Space 3000 FT 2668 FT 11% (Most of the savings in walk time)
Production Lead Time 4.4 Days
(13.2 Shifts)
1.67 Days
(5 Shifts)

New project will introduce Lean Manufacturing principles to city government

Continental will be supporting the city government of Anderson, Indiana with "Lean Six Sigma" technology designed to initiate improvements in the service organizations. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that improves customer satisfaction, reduces cost, and increases quality and process speed. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch of GE indicated that GE would save $8 billion to $12 billion in savings by utilizing "Lean Six Sigma".

In this innovative project, Continental will apply the same Advanced Manufacturing technology that we have applied to improve quality and service in manufacturing companies to improve the delivery of city government services. "We are going to apply Lean Six Sigma to Anderson", stated Bill Nagengast, COO of Continental, "and we plan to do it in the same ways that were pioneered in Ft. Wayne, Indiana by Mayor Graham Richard who used this technology to initiate improvements in a number of different departments such as fire, community development, water pollution control, right of way, street, transportation, engineering services and solid waste."

Continental's goal is to help energize and change the way city government operates with continuous improvement achievements based on our past experience derived from successes in manufacturing facilities throughout the Midwest.

Six Sigma definition: No more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in a given service.


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