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Success Stories and Case Studies

The Continental Design & Engineering Executive Staffing (CES) group works closely with clients to find the "hard-to-find" executives that are currently employed elsewhere and not actively on the job market.

In a recent example, a Midwest U.S. client with over $600 million in annual revenues, more than 2100 employees and a 24 hour a day/7 days a week schedule went through the following timeline of activities to fill a Cost Savings Expert position. Continental Executive Staffing was called after the client spent many months attempting to fill the position.

May - The Customer transferred a new Plant Manager to the Midwest facility.

July - The Plant Manager initiates a program to reduce waste in the plant, and decides to hire a Cost Savings Expert.

August - The Plant Manager receives funding authorization to hire a Six Sigma/Lean expert with experience in the Toyota Production System (TPS). He assigns the Human Resources (HR) Department to recruit a person for this position.

December - The Cost Savings Expert position is unfilled. HR Department unable to locate qualified candidate. Plant Manager meets with Continental Executive staffing (CES) and authorizes a search by CES for this executive.

January - CES completes a search process and provides six qualified candidates for the Customer to consider for the position. The Customer interviews several of the candidates.

February - The Customer decides on a finalist and extends a formal job offer to the candidate. The candidate accepts the offer and turns in his notice. The candidate relocates his family.

March - The finalist starts work as the Cost Savings (Six Sigma/Lean) Expert at the Customer's facility. CES bills the Customer $31,000 for the search process service (25% of the annual salary).

Results of Continental's Executive Staffing

During the next 12 months, the Cost Savings Expert records $850,000 in documented cost savings for the customer in waste via process improvements and waste reduction programs.

Had Continental Executive Staffing been called in July, the client would have realized additional savings of nearly $269,000 even after paying the new executive's salary and Continental's search fee.

CES utilized a multifaceted network to identify and recruit a highly qualified candidate "hidden" by his employment at another company. The end result of Continental's search process was that our client's position was filled quickly and efficiently with a highly qualified candidate who more than met performance expectations.

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