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Fast response to your technical staffing needs

Technical Staffing
Finding the right candidates fast for your contract technical staffing needs can be a challenge. Continental's team of experienced recruiters can help to solve this challenge by selecting precisely qualified candidates to fill your position.

Quality candidates who meet your requirements and budget goals

Our expert recruiting team's combined years of engineering experience and familiarity with the industry enable us to sort through a large roster of available candidates and to spot those quality candidates who match your requirements and have the requisite training and experience and a get-the-job-done attitude.

As one measure of Continental Design & Engineering's success, our technical staff retention record over the past five years is among the staffing industry's leaders. This is matched by a strong "A" rating from our clients in our annual employee review process.

Utilizing contract technical staffing

Contract technical staffing — hiring qualified staff on a time-limited basis — allows companies to respond quickly to changing workloads and technical needs without the need for long-term contracts or the kinds of benefits required by permanent employees. Flexibility and lower design and engineering costs make contract technical staffing an essential and desirable element in our clients' blueprint for success. Whether you need short-term or long-term technical staffing personnel, we'll seek the right candidates for your specific positions and projects.

Finding quality technical staffing candidates

Technical Staffing Our recruiting staff understands that if a designer or engineer does not have the exact match of skills, personality and attitude to mesh with the client company, any cost savings and flexibility may be wasted. A quality technical staffing candidate is a designer or engineer who has all of the following:
  1. The skills and experience to accomplish the project at hand
  2. The ability to get the job done
  3. The attitude and interest to work effectively as part of the client's team
  4. Availability when needed, within budget

Our technical staffing recruiters will consult with you to understand your business and business needs, and will explore what you require in the ideal candidate. We'll then locate the engineer or designer who matches those needs, and you'll receive a tightly focused package of highly qualified candidates — fast.

Can you find a _________ engineer?

Try us.

From CAD designers to advanced engineering disciplines and Lean Manufacturing, we believe we can quickly satisfy your technical staffing needs. We have developed flexible, customized staffing programs — from programs as simple as out-sourced mail delivery systems to programs as complex as new product development — we can utilize a variety of contract technical staffing, temporary and permanent staffing and other innovative staffing solutions to meet your individual needs.

Contact our Director of Technical Staffing to learn more about how Continental's tech staffing services can help you control costs while expanding your technical resources. Call 800 875-4557 or fill out our Job/Candidate Request Form online.

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