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Prior to starting a search for candidates, our recruiters must understand the job they are trying to fill. In this, company recruiters and HR professionals can assist us in finding the best candidates for their requirements. The sections that follow are designed with the intent of helping you consider all aspects of a position, so that the candidates we provide more closely meet your needs. See also our Candidate Request Form.

General Description of the Job: A Job Assessment Description form must contain a general description of the job that is the subject of our search campaign. One should be able to understand what that job holder does on that job that contributes to the overall products of their company.

Key Technical Terms: It helps the search process if you can list out some [approximately 4-6] technical skills that are commonly seen in qualified candidate resumes for the job. These should cover subjects that can include the basic skills, tasks, softwares, equipment, processes, products, etc. of the position.

Basic Qualifications: There should be a summary of the basic qualifications for the position. What would the "gotta haves" look like for a generally qualified [not superman] candidate? What would an under-qualified candidate look like? Where is the baseline for basic skills for the position?

Special Skills: What would make a candidate stand out from the rest as a special skill, or special type of experience in the field? What would grab your attention as you screen resumes and schedule interviews? These need to be noted and explained in some detail.

Dates: The Job Assessment Description forms are dated, and as revisions are issued, new dates entered. We have discovered that customer needs can be clarified with additional material, and we need to always have the most accurate information as we continue our search process.

Soft Skills: These can include leadership capabilities, communication responsibilities, and other personality traits essential to the position. For example, a job with customer contact responsibilities and a technical support role would mandate certain communications abilities essential to the sales process.

Job Specifics: These cover the full range of job specifics from first shift (or second, or third shift?), to travel requirements, to salary vs hourly based compensation systems, to work location. Other key specifics can include a description of how, when and where you want candidate resumes submitted; a description of the interview process (one or more levels of interviewing?); the offer process (when and where do you want to narrow the field before discussing compensation), and then how do you wish to conduct compensation negotiations (do you want us to be involved?).

Summary: After reading the Job Description Assessment form, our recruiters should have a thorough understanding of what to look for in their search campaigns. They should have an idea of which key terms to use in search procedures that will lead them to resumes that they can review and screen.

Bill Nagengast
Director of Operations


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