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Recruiting hard-to-find staff for new technology area

Continental's Design and Engineering Centers have provided technical services to a major supplier of automotive exterior lighting since 1985. Continental contract engineers, CAD designers, Optics and R&D talent were instrumental in the transition to replaceable bulb (aerodynamic) headlamps resulting from Federal changes in forward lighting regulations [Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard - FMVSS 108]. This was a revolutionary change in the lighting industry with very limited technical resources available. Continental created the technical resources to meet this demand as the Exterior Automotive Lighting Product Development & Engineering Group grew to nearly 300 technical staff and continues to support them today.

Complete technical team designs distributed power generators

Continental's combination of Technical Staffing and Engineering experience enables the creation of sophisticated engineering teams. One example is a dedicated Product Development Group for Distributed Power Generators created for a U.S. manufacturing client. Continental created a group that included a Program Manager, Project Engineer, Test Technician and five Pro-Engineer CAD Designers.

Continental delivered this group as a "fully bundled" service, located within the Continental Design Center, and included all equipment, software and plotters. The Continental Systems Administrator maintains the CAD systems, performs upgrades as required, and manages on-site and off-site data management systems. When the client moved to a new facility, the Product Development Group and all equipment, still "fully bundled", was relocated to the new customer site, where it continues today.

Out-Sourcing of Non-Core Departments: Purchasing

A Fortune 500 client approached Continental about providing Supplier Development and Supply Chain Management [Purchasing] services in support of a key manufacturing plant in the Midwest U.S. This customer wanted to outsource a purchasing group of 8 full-time employees making over $10 million in annual purchases and managing 300 suppliers and a parts warehouse. Continental created a new Supplier Development and Supply Chain Management group that allowed the client company to re-assign their eight staff to other duties.

By providing flexible technical staffing for the new purchasing group -- as purchasing volumes fluctuated between $150K and $2+ million per month-Continental reduced the labor requirements to between 3 and 5 staff. A sliding percentage of revenue activity provided a simple formula for customer cost control that was productivity sensitive (being revenue related).

Every month the client was provided a full report of all Purchasing activity and paid a single invoice from Continental. Continental placed all bids, awarded business and disbursed all supplier payments, dramatically simplifying the process for the client. Semi-annual audits insured the accuracy of the group. Cost savings initiatives were incentivized, with all cost savings split between Continental and client. To protect the client from the risk of delayed delivery times for key components, Continental owned certain levels of inventory and stocked them on-site.

Bottom Line: A significant cost savings was created for this customer with the outsourcing of this non-core department.


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